Mr. Jai Karan
Mr. Jai Karan Director, Gitanjali Group of Schools, Hyderabad

As a philosophy the school has maintained the highest standard in academic excellence and with advent of technology, we decide to select the right technology that can supplement the effectiveness of delivery without diluting the academic excellence. Digital Campus technology has provided that platform to connect all the stakeholders, teachers and parent can communicate real time and hassle free online fee payment.

Mr. K.V.K Rao
Mr. K.V.K Rao Chairman, St. Mary?s Group of Institution, Hyderabad

It was a herculean task physically managing 17 plus campuses across multiple states with 20,000 plus students and 500 plus faculties. We realized that to sustain the scalewe need the right technology that can be customized and dynamically grow with our business need. Today with Digital Campus on Cloud & on Mobile platform we have extended our physical campus as virtual knowledge campus. I am able to check real time performance of faculty and get instant feedback from the students.  Life has become simple with the Digital Campus Management Dashboard.

Mr. Sawal Das
Mr. Sawal Das Chairman, Chrysalis Group of School, Bangalore

With our rapid expansion we were facing the challenge of streamline our admission process, we were looking for a simple and easy to use solution, Digital Campus CRM was the perfect fit for our requirement. As we started using we wanted to extent the automation of admission to academic process and with Digital Campus ERP we have completed the cycle. We are extremely happy with the integrated solution from Digital Campus Services.

Ms. SitaKiran
Ms. SitaKiran Principal, D A V School, Hyderabad

Academic and Examination has been the core to the management of our school, and it was physically challenging to prepare a comprehensive examination report card with the detailed calculation and the qualitative analysis. Lot of teacher?s time was getting lost in the administration of examination reports and records. Digital Campuz Examination module has changed everything and today once the exams are over, it just takes few hours to generate the entire report cards for the school which use to take weeks and was a highly unproductive work for our teachers.

Dr. Deep Khare
Dr. Deep Khare Principal, Ivy League Academy, Hyderabad

Almost a decade back when we were looking for a technology product that can meet the high standard of a boarding school, we couldn?t find a solution even in the international market to suit our need. It was during the initial period of technology transformation for education sector we came across Digital Campuz, the moment we saw it we have never looked back and today from the admission to academic to library to hostel is managed by Digital Campuz. I have the Principal Dashboard and I can check up everything about the school real time.

Ms. Usha Reddy
Ms. Usha Reddy Principal, Meridian School, Hyderabad

After trying our hand with many software we had a complete understanding what was the exact requirement of the application for school. We were looking for an integrated solution, more importantly user friendly and customizable to our specific needs. Today with Digital Campuzintegrated solution which so user friendly every user has a login and gets it task done without any hassles through Digital Campuz anywhere and anytime. As CEO I wanted to have a real time information on the fee collection to admission progress to the performance of teacher, now everything I am able manage from the Digital Campuz Management Dashboard.