Partnering Programs

The Global Business Associate (GBA) program delivers high performance and service quality to partners. It combines Digital Campuz global technology leadership and support with the local expertise and market understanding of our channel partners.

The partners we choose to work with have proven capability, assessed according to our high quality and reliability standards, and are well positioned to develop and implement the solutions that customers really need. The results are collaborative communications networks enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

For partners, our collaborative framework offers a best-of-breed technology portfolio, support, training and exclusive use of the Digital Campuz brand.

Just like the different sections of an orchestra, we work in harmony with our partners to produce the best possible results. The Digital Campuz GBA Program is a framework of sales, marketing, training, and other support activities that are designed to give you a competitive advantage in today's challenging marketplace. Together we can take advantage of new market opportunities and deliver strong mutual growth and profitability.

Partner with us

The success of a partnership is determined by the strength of the relationship. We are committed to building successful business together, based on the following principles:

Clear communication based on mutual trust

Fast response times and comprehensive support

We have a comprehensive and competitive product portfolio that offers world-class performance and reliability to meet the high expectations of our customers. Our marketing support helps you leverage the strength of the Digital Campuz brand in your own marketing communications. Our in-depth training program and continuous technical support to help you provide the best in class service to all our customers.